Fresno Advertising Foundation Scholarships

The Fresno Advertising Foundation is made up of professionals who love, live and breathe advertising and marketing. They practice the techniques of persuasion to bring information and education to the public.

They are prime motivators of the economy – the value of advertising, marketing, and affiliated trades is extraordinary. So let’s check out these Fresno Advertising Foundation scholarships if they still exist…

The Foundation is here to help enhance the understanding of advertising and marketing as essential components of the economic and social system.

The foundation conducts business seminars, public information conferences, and a successful media auction. They also coordinate multiple-media public service campaigns, and scholarship programs, in addition to providing this growing online resource.

Formed in 2005, the Fresno Advertising Federation Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation foundation supported by advertising agencies, advertisers, media companies, printing companies, media producers, and enlightened citizens. Donations are tax-deductible.


John Reed King Scholarships 
Multiple scholarships of $1,000.00 or more are awarded each December by the Fresno Advertising Federation and the Fresno Advertising Foundation.

Eligibility requirements insist that the applicant be a Fresno-area college or university student majoring in advertising, marketing, public relations, or the graphic arts. Students at the Fresno State Winery may also apply. Financial need is often a consideration in making awards, but your perceived ability to have a successful career in advertising or marketing is paramount.

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John Reed King Scholarship Fund 
Annually each December, the Fresno Advertising Federation and the Fresno Advertising Foundation present thousands of dollars in scholarships to college students majoring in advertising, marketing, public relations, and graphic design.

Scholarship applications are available to students attending Fresno-area colleges and universities (for example, the Academy for Civic and Entrepreneurial Leadership) that offer communications and marketing degrees. Since 1979, awards are estimated to have exceeded $75,000.00. See also this post about minority scholarships in America.

Helping young people enter the advertising, marketing, graphic design, and public relations professions is part of the missions of the Fresno Advertising Foundation and the Fresno Advertising Federation. This scholarship is named in memory of John Reed King, a dear friend and contributor to the local Fresno advertising industry.

Born in 1914 in Wilmington, Delaware, John Reed King was a well-known radio and television host who moderated numerous game shows in the period 1930 – 1960. In the 30s, John had one of the best-rated radio shows (Missus Goes A-Shopping) and in 1944, he hosted the first-ever television game show and in 1946 he was the host of the television game show It’s a Gift.

Additionally, John King was notable as the unique voice of quite a few Paramount newsreels, a show he later was co-producing. John’s voice can also be heard on Ted Turner’s Classic Movies Network which replays the movie newsreels every now and again.

In the 1950s, Mr. King was a vice president at the McCann Erickson advertising agency, where he was the star of radio’s “Sky King” and producer of a very popular television series in the 1950s called Death Valley Days, featuring among many others, Ronald Reagan.

Fresno advertising executives Cliff Davis and Vern Crow hired Mr. King to perform in local television and radio commercials for a financial institution in 1970.

Mr. King so enjoyed his brief visit to central California that he decided to make Fresno his home in 1972 where he also was active for the Big Fresno Fair Education Program. He worked a brief period for Cliff Davis Advertising and held a position as a news anchor at Channel 47.

A member of the Fresno Advertising Federation when he lived in Fresno, Mr. King served as president and worked with great vigor on the organization’s behalf.

While serving as Federation president, he was one of the creators, writers, and actors in “Mad Club Madness I & II” live musical-comedy revues that filled theatres and raised funds for scholarships. In the Central Valley area, there are many people from Hispanic countries, so check out also this post about scholarships for Hispanic girls.

John Reed King was the Director of Business Development for a local financial institution and an honorary member of the Fresno Advertising Federation until his sudden death in 1979 from a heart attack.

Because of his high standards, friendship, and professional qualities, the Fresno Advertising Federation’s Board of Directors named its scholarship fund in Mr. King’s memory.