GED Math and the Onsego Calculator Course

At Onsego, a website that publishes high school equivalency prep courses, they say that every student is now capable of passing the GED Math subtest.

They have launched a new course that makes the process easy, smooth, and short. With the Onsego GED Math Scientific Calculator Course, you can get all set for the GED® Math test in just a few weeks if you sign up for their “Advantage Plan” that includes the Scientific Calculator Course.

The GED Testing Service recognizes Onsego as one of only 20 publishers that designed prep materials that are 100% in line with the current GED exam.

For many students, passing the Math portion of the GED test is a challenge. Fear of what Math is all about and often multiple failures of passing GED Math are the main reasons why students give up studying for the GED test entirely.

Well, hard to blame them. Not every student is good at math, and many people will never need math to have a successful career or lead a good life. Not every position requires workers to understand how they should solve quadratic equations or calculate slopes of lines.

But students that want to earn a GED diploma are required to master many Math problems that will prove to be useless for them later in their lives. They just need to pass math, also if they want to qualify, for example, for a Fresno Advertising Foundation Grant if they want to attend Fresno State after having passed the GED test.

To help GED students overcome these challenges, the Onsego team has developed a course that explains how to use the TI-30XS Scientific Calculator to ace the Math portion of the GED test.

As such, there’s nothing new about using the TI-30XS Scientific Calculator on the GED Math test. Using the calculator is allowed on the second part of the GED Math subtest, and the GED Testing Service is including this calculator on the computer screen as well.

But the people at Onsego found it pretty remarkable that just a tiny percentage of all GED test-takers genuinely understand how to deal with complex Math questions by using the scientific calculator. That’s why they created this course and it also will help students looking for entry-level engineering jobs or planning to apply for a scholarship.

The TI-30XS Scientific Calculator works quite differently from “normal” calculators. For starters, there is no equals sign. The Scientific Calculator includes two “negative sign” buttons: one is for subtracting while the other is for negating numbers. And what’s more confusing is that the buttons can have several functions, and so on.

On the GED Math section, students can only use one type of calculator, the TI-30XS scientific calculator. TI is short for Texas Instruments, one of the world’s leading producers of scientific calculators.

The fact of the matter is that there are quite a few resources that teach students how to perform calculations with this calculator, but all these resources do go deep into what’s possible with the TI-30XS and don’t tell how to pass the entire GED Math sub-exam while using the calculator.

Well, this new Onsego course is explaining clearly how to pass the GED Math porting while using the Texas Instruments 30XS and this makes the Onsego course the probably fastest way to your GED! 

The Onsego creators developed a great new course that explains to GED test-takers how to deal with all GED Math problems while using the TI-30XS.

Students will not only learn how to solve fractions, four basic operations, or square roots. They also learn how to best solve inequalities and equations, find the slope of lines, and solve math word problems.

Word problem questions make up a large chunk of the GED Math portion, and for many students, these questions are a nightmare. This Onsego course is showing two ways to solve this type of Math problem.

First, the course teaches students Math reasoning skills to recognize specific words that are associated with certain math operations. Secondly, the course teaches about 8 “Educated Guess Strategies” that students can use when working with the TI-30XS Scientific Calculator.

These” Educated Guess Strategies” are showing how to deal with the GED Math multiple-choice test in an intelligent way. These strategies include the fields of Estimation, Divide & Conquer, Drawing a Picture, and many more.

If they use these strategies, students will be able to narrow down the option choices and identify the correct answer option, even if they don’t have the slightest idea about how to deal with the problem.

For many students, GED Math is the biggest obstacle to earning their GED diplomas, and after failing that subtest several times, many give up learning for a GED at all, and this may the reason for major setbacks. To declutter their lives again, like happens in business after setbacks, the GED Calculator Course may be the best solution to get things on track again.

Why would you take this course?

On the GED Math subtest, many students fail the test by merely a few points. But by using these strategies, they will be able to can earn some extra points without investing any serious time. The Educated Guess Strategies course includes short, to-the-point lessons.

There are so many ways to prepare for the GED Math test. You can use Math textbooks or the try and error method. You may also rely on your luck. But when you want to use a proven top-notch method to pass the GED Math subtest, sign up for this Onsego course and learn how you can master the Scientific Calculator.

Why Onsego?

Over the past years, the Onsego professionals have established a proven track of supporting GED test-takers to earn their GED diplomas. Onsego’s main program is the “GED 4 Subjects” course that offers preparation for Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics.

What makes the Onsego GED prep courses different from other GED prep programs is the way they approach teaching. The courses consist of short lessons (all shorter than 5 minutes) that focus on just one specific subject field.

You won’t find any fluff, there’s just straightforward instruction. All of the information is presented in a short and visually appealing format. All lessons include quizzes, and there are practice tests at the end of all modules.

Over the years, thousands of students have benefitted from and completed Onsego’s courses and earned a GED diploma and many went on to earn a college degree. Check also this post about American University Tuition issues.

Why has Onsego created this Math course?

Onsego’s GED Math course is targeted toward students who feel so overwhelmed by a more traditional math course.

It happens often that these students start learning very enthusiastically, but when the GED Math lessons get more challenging, they quit. Well, nothing to blame them for. Math can be such a pain, right?

Many GED hopefuls haven’t seen a classroom from the inside for many years, and it is often so hard for them to get back to learning; and let’s face it, Math is considered to be the most challenging GED subject test!

But now there is hope! The Onsego Scientific Calculator Course is not focusing on teaching math. It teaches students how to use the TI-30XS scientific calculator effectively and how to use Educated Guess Strategies to be successful on the GED Math subtest. That’s a totally different approach!

So if you’re wondering how you can pass the GED Math subtest, there’s a solution! Simply sign up for Onsego’s “Scientific Calculator Course”, follow the process, and pass the GED Math test!