NASA Scholarships and Grants

Students who wish to apply for full scholarships or partial grants should complete and submit the “Scholarship Application”. The MUST Center bases its selection criteria on a series of requisites that the prospective candidate must meet to qualify for NASA scholarships and grants as outlined below:

  • The scholarships are designed for students who are registered full-time in the MUST Center, have an outstanding academic record, and obtain excellent marks, and are exempted from the MUST Entrance Examination.
  • The selection is based on both the student’s academic record, the geo-location, as well as his/her family’s income.
  • The scholarships awarded may cover a minimum of 15% of the total costs of academic tuition fees (excluding the pre-inscription fees).
  • The number of scholarships that the MUST Center awards annually is limited. The deadline for the receipt of applications is the 5th of September for the presentation of applications and their corresponding documentation. This applies not only to students already admitted to the MUST but to those in the process of application as well.

  • For renewal to be considered, the students who receive any type of financial support from the MUST Center must earn a grade point average of 3.5 or higher (on a 4.0 scale) on all work scheduled during the academic year for which they receive the assistance. The renewal of scholarships is under no circumstances automatic; therefore, the students must apply for renewal each academic year.
  • More information can be found here: For information on some pretty Weird Scholarships, check out this page.

Mo’ Money Mo’ Money

After reading an article in Marie Claire I found out there are many ways to bring in some extra cash (legally) and spend your money wisely. I added a few of my own personal favorites.

1) Check out Task Rabbit. It is a great website that shows people in your area that need errands to be taken care of or projects to be completed. With each task, you earn anywhere from $10-$200.

2) Sell your old stuff to consignment shops using Resale shopping. Enter your zip code and you will find a local shop that will pay for the items you no longer want. The upside is that you don’t need to pay for postage like eBay or Amazon.

3) Sell electronics on Gazelle. This site includes free shipping once you receive an offer on your electronic goods. And if you’re a student, learn all about applying for scholarships.

4) Raise money with Kickstarter! If you have a new project or starting a company, check out this website to help fund whatever creative adventure your heart desires.

5) FareCompare will save you money when you travel.  This website is so simple and helps you find the best deals out there as far as plane tickets go.

6) Okay, coupons are not my thing, but Retail Me Not has great codes that you can put into your online order before checking out. They have codes for Victoria Secret, Travelocity, and Apple, all of which can save you a great deal of money

7) You can even save money while going out. Get the app Happy Hours, to find the best drinking spots in your area, what their happy hour deals are, and what time they start and end. Drinking on a budget never was so easy.