Onsego – The Fastest Way to a GED

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the interesting Onsego GED Math Calculator course developed by the online learning developers of Onsego GED Prep that enables students who don’t have a clue as to what Math is all about still pass the GED Math portion.

I centered merely on this part of GED Math, but the Onsego course is so much more than just that! Onsego offers the probably fastest way to earn your GED® diploma.

That is because, if you purchase the Onsego course, they offer you so much more than just GED video lessons and practice tests.

You can immediately access all GED lessons and practice in any order you prefer. And if you take the practice tests, you’ll learn right away what subject fields or GED topics require your attention and study time most.

Since that will save you a lot of time, you’ll get your GED faster than by signing up for a course where you must adhere to a pre-established study plan where you need to also go over things you have already mastered before you can continue.

The video lessons presented by Onsego cover one GED topic at a time. The lessons are short and to the point, and after each short lesson, you can take a small practice test to see if you understand what it was all about. Once you’ve got hold of your GED, you can apply to college, and there are so many scholarship options available, especially for minorities, to help you financially make it through college!

Bite-size video lessons

The video lessons present the GED material in small, bite-sized portions and are combined into groups that Onsego calls modules, and after each module, a group of lessons that cover related GED topics, you can take an extended practice test that’ll tell you whether you understand what was addressed in that module or that you require more preparation.

By the time these practice tests indicate that you have sufficiently mastered a GED subject area, you can create your account on the GED.com website and register for the GED Ready® practice test ($6.99).

GED Ready practice test

Your Onsego Advantage Plan includes four vouchers for the GED Ready tests (there’s one test per individual GED subject), so that’s a great $28 value included in the Advantage Plan.

The GED Ready practice test is the only practice test that predicts if the test-taker is ready for success on the real GED subject test or if more preparation is needed.

If you score in the green (likely to pass) zone on the GED Ready test, you can register for the real test on GED.com. The four GED sub-exams cover the academic areas of Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics.

Speed up your learning.

This feature also helps to speed up the process of acquiring your GED credential! So you won’t have to waste any time going over things you already know, and Onsego’s practice tests will indicate what you’ll have to concentrate on.

This website also informs you about average tuition costs at American universities and colleges and scholarships and grants that will help you pay for your academic education.

What I should also mention is that, besides the GED Math Calculator Course, Onsego’s Advantage Plan includes a great Quitting Protection System, a Progress-Tracking Tool so you know what you did and what’s awaiting, and a motivation course to keep you on track.

Educated Guess Strategies

Another amazing feature (I mentioned this already in my earlier post) is Onsego’s Educated Guess Strategies course. You will learn to recognize certain words and/or expressions that can easily be related to associated math operations. If you master these Educated Guess Strategies, you will be better able to solve GED Math problems intelligently.

So, in addition to my earlier post, you now know more about this amazingly fast and efficient way to earn your GED in the shortest possible way. That’s what the Onsego Course is all about!