Scholarships in Georgia

Education holds a place of eminence in the state of Georgia. There are numerous schools and colleges that offer high-quality education in the state. As of now, the state boasts of 62 colleges.

According to the latest studies, the standard of education in Georgia is on a steady increase. In terms of technology application at the school level, Georgia ranks third in the United States. So let’s find out more about scholarships in Georgia.

With 58 participating schools, the state it ranks seventh in terms of the number of International Baccalaureate schools in the US. The curriculum in schools is aimed at offering better career guidance in order to curb the number of school dropouts.

Higher education in the state is also of the highest quality. Several private and public organizations offer scholarships in the state of Georgia in order to make education more accessible to students. Here is a list of some of the most popular financial aid programs.

Aileen Lee Scholarship

Aileen Lee Scholarships and grants are meant for the freshmen of the Oregon University. The grant is awarded every academic year. It recognizes students who have a good track record throughout high school. The only criterion for selection is that the students must not be a resident of Georgia.

Students who move to Georgia for education can avail these benefits. Three male and three female students are awarded the Aileen Lee Scholarship, with the amounts ranging from $250 to $500. Grants are sanctioned for the fall and the winter terms. Check out also: Scholarships especially for Hispanic Girls.

COAG Scholarship

COAG stands for Constitutional Officers’ Association of Georgia. The association offers grants to students who enroll in courses related to science, government or law enforcement, pre-law studies, accounting, finance, and business. Students who are residents of Georgia, US citizens, currently in high school, and gearing up for graduation in spring are eligible for this Georgia state scholarship.

Students need to furnish the enrollment letter or acceptance letter of a university located in Georgia and provide necessary documents that can verify the degree and other information. These two documents are to be attached with the completed COAG scholarship application and mailed.

Carson Scholars Fund

One of the very common scholarships in Georgia is the Carson Scholars Fund. The scholarship is for students between fourth and eleventh grades. A good academic track record is mandatory. Preference is given to students who are active in extracurricular activities and who demonstrate humanitarian qualities. A minimum score of 3.75 GPA is required. Black minority scholarship info is found here.

Georgia Hope Grant Program

The HOPE scholarship is available for residents of Georgia who enroll in a HOPE-eligible institute. The basic criterion for selection is academic excellence and achievements. The amount of scholarship depends on the institute where the student is enrolled. There is a long list of eligibility criteria for this scholarship. A GPA of at least 3.0 is required.

The Heidelberg College Out Of State Scholarship

In order to be eligible for Heidelberg College, the applicant has to be an out-of-state resident and must attend the full-time courses at Heidelberg College. This is a renewable grant for a period of four years. The student must show consistent performance over the four years in order to be considered for renewal.


This is a scholarship provided by the National Society of Colonial Dames of America within the state of Georgia. The trust offers scholarships, each of $1,500. Students who enroll in courses related to American history and historic preservation are eligible for the grant.

Georgia Mining Foundation Scholarship Program

Georgia Mining Foundation Scholarship Program has been awarding scholarships to talented students for the past fifteen years. Over seventy students are selected every year and are awarded $500 as scholarships. Applications have to be submitted before the last day of February and the list of selected candidates is released in March.

Julian & Jan Hester Memorial Grant

The J & J Hester Memorial scholarship in Georgia has been established in order to financially support high school seniors in their first college year and to encourage community banking. Any Georgia high school senior can apply for this scholarship.

The stipulation is that the chosen college should be located in Georgia. The recipients of this grant are selected solely on their merit. By providing numerous grants and scholarships, Georgia reinforces its place among the best states in the US for education.