NN4D- Network For Developers

NN4D is short for NAVTEQ Network for Developers. NN4D was a  global community and a web portal for business partners and developers who needed business and technical support to build, launch, and demonstrate highly innovative location-enabled and educational web solutions.

Such an example is a customizing web content to a student’s location and offering location-specific educational results, this is used on many websites. For example, MyCareerTools.com gives students access to free online GED courses and they also can easily find ‘traditional classes around their locations.  This solution is based on API from NN4D.

The NN4D portal included resources and features such as points of interest data, mapping APIs, routing information, location-based services (LBS) industry data, and geospatial tools and platforms both from NAVTEQ and cooperating partners.

The History of NAVTEQ

NAVTEQ was set up in 1985 in California’s Silicon Valley and it has en eventful and unique history that finds its roots in hands-on research, geography, an infectious clever and entrepreneurial spirit, and of course, technology. From its first beginnings, NAVTEQ was focused on capturing and displaying the road network’s reality and to develop and facilitate turn-by-turn routing in a dynamic way.

NAVTEQ started out by collecting and analyzing highly detailed data from major metropolitan areas and after Philips Electronic Appliances had signed on as one of the major early investors, NAVTEQ was growing strategically and physically and in 1991, the company set up its first European headquarters. NAVTEQ grew significantly and opened its Yokohama, Japan offices in 1996. In 2004, NAVTEQ went public and was acquired subsequently by Nokia in 2008.

In the years 2008 – 2012, NAVTEQ was operated as an entirely-owned Nokia Corporation subsidiary that had its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, USA. In the year 2012, NAVTEQ decided to change its name into HERE and the company’s websites are navigation.com and here.com. Today, HERE distributes all of its products and services, such as SDK and API for developers, through the company website here.com.

NAVTEQ: putting the location into location-based services. NAVTEQ delivers the map data that powers LBS (location-based services) all across the world. See also this 2010 NAVTEQ video:

NAVTEQ LBS Challenge

In the years 2003 – 2010, NAVTEQ was organizing the NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge, an annual event.

The Global LBS Challenge was challenging developers of applications from around the globe to develop innovative LBS (location-based services) apps that were working with mobile phones and other wireless handheld devices and that used NAVTEQ map data and dynamic positioning technology.

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