Scholarships in Arkansas

Education is one of the most important things in life. In the United States, the government undertakes robust campaigns to encourage more and more people to study. Si here, we’ll dig a little deeper in Scholarships in Arkansas.

However, the rising cost of education in the present times makes it tough for students from several sections of the society to pursue studies. In Arkansas, this financial burden is reduced up to a large extent, thanks to a number of government and private initiatives to provide scholarships to students.

These scholarships are open to students who are permanent residents of the state. Here is a look at some of the most sought-after scholarship programs in Arkansas.

Dixie Youth Baseball Scholarship

The former players of the Dixie Youth Baseball team can avail fellowships in Arkansas. The eligibility is simple. The applicant has to be a high school senior and should have registered in the Dixie Youth Baseball team league. Students who register for membership before the age of 13 are eligible for the Arkansas scholarship.

The scholarship does not depend on the athletic ability of the student. Membership is only an eligibility criterion. For qualification, financial status is the criteria. A grant of $2,000 is awarded to 50 selected students every year. Deadline for application is March 1st of every year.

The Heidelberg College Out Of State Scholarship

The Heidelberg College Out Of State Scholarship is open to all students of America who are not residents of Ohio. The other eligibility criterion is that students must have enrolled in Heidelberg College. This scholarship comes up for renewal every year and can be availed for four years.

However, renewal is possible only if the student shows satisfactory progress in academics. Once you’ve made it through college, decluttering your life may be beneficial if you want to start your own business.

Arkansas High-Tech Scholarship Program

The Arkansas HTS program presents a scholarship of $250 every semester. Eligibility criteria include residency in Arkansas and graduation from an Arkansas high school. Applicants should intend to enroll or should have already enrolled in an approved technical program.

Apart from that, the student has to show leadership capabilities and be up to the stipulated mark in academics. High school seniors who are graduating in the year of application are given preference. Deadline for application is the 1st of July every year. This is an annually renewable scholarship in Arkansas.

EMU National Scholars Program

The EMU National scholars program in Arkansas is a four-year fellowship which pays tuition fee differential for 30 credit hours every year. In order to be eligible, the applicant just needs to be a freshman or a transfer student with a 3.50 GPA. Residency of Arkansas is the basic criteria.

Freshmen have to use university lodging facility for the first couple of years in order to avail this scholarship. See also our post about Scholarships for Hispanic Girls.

NAJA Graduate Scholarship Program

The NAJA or the National Association of Junior Auxiliaries offers scholarships to students who require financial aid for studies. The association initiated this grant with the intention of uniting all its members towards helping students from low-income group families. Students who are interested in applying for the NAJA grant must fulfill certain criteria such as the intention to work or currently employed in jobs related to the welfare of children.

Applicants must pursue graduate-level education for one year in any field of study that addresses the needs of children as well as the youth.  Students studying mental health, counseling, psychology, speech pathology, special education, and remedial skills development are eligible for the NAJA grant. The applicants have to be residents of Arkansas.

Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund

The ASPSF aims to offer financial aid to single parents residing in the state of Arkansas and enrolled in post-secondary education courses in order to enhance employment opportunities. These scholarships are given to low-income group families.

The money granted is used to take care of the tuition fees, cost of the books and other utilities. In order to be eligible, the applicant should be a single parent with the custodial care of one or more children below 18 years of age. The program arranges funds to help single parents in all counties of Arkansas.

These scholarships ensure that people from all economic and social backgrounds can pursue an education without facing financial hurdles. For more information on important dates related to scholarships, aspirants can check out official websites of providers. For black minority scholarships, click here.