Scholarships for Women

A country’s development depends largely on the educated masses as education helps you get better jobs and in turn increases the per capita income of the country.

Education these days is a costly matter and due to financial reasons, several women are unable to pursue higher studies and are forced to settle down with low-income jobs so check out these scholarships for women that will help reach your full potential!

Often, the inability to arrange funds and family burdens compel them to start working at a young age. The US Government in recent times has come up with various women’s scholarships and grants in order to encourage women to gain a basic degree and even go for specializations.

Many women at the later stage of their life realize the importance of education and wish to enroll in various educational programs and degrees offered by various colleges.

Many public and private organizations offer specialized scholarships for women belonging to the age group of 40 to 50 years. These are pretty common scholarships and grants, not like some of the weirdest scholarships that we can come across as well.

In fact, these grants and scholarships allow women who had to leave their studies halfway also get a chance to complete their courses through special women’s scholarships.

Scholarships for Women

Scholarships in support of women are conferred based on the merit and the economic background of the student. These are especially beneficial for women who are unable to apply for a student loan.

Unlike educational loans, these scholarships are completely free and are devoid of any repayment conditions. You can easily seek the eligibility criteria of various women’s scholarships from the net and apply accordingly. Here is a list of some scholarships aimed at women.

American Association of University Women

With a long history of 130 years, this organization is completely committed to helping women gain adequate education for better job prospects. It has set aside a huge amount of more than 4 million dollars as women’s scholarships for almost 200 educational programs.

The American Association of University Women has a wide grid of almost 100,000 members and around 1,000 branches scattered all over the country. Through partnerships with more than 600 educational institutions, this organization enables easy scholarships designed for women. It provides a basic online application process with different eligibility criteria for various scholarships.

Anita Borg Scholarship

Anita Borg, a revolutionist in her own field has devoted a major portion of her life to women’s empowerment in the field of Information and Technology. Keeping up with the spirit of Anita Borg, Google has set up the Anita Borg Scholarship in her honor.

This is one of the many engineering scholarships available that is dedicated to women who are interested in pursuing full-time graduate and senior undergraduate programs in the field of Computer Science and other related courses.

The candidate needs to have good leadership acumen and acquire a high GPA score. The citizens of America, permanent residents, and students from other countries can also apply for this scholarship. Check out also this article about scholarships for minorities.

Gates Millennium Scholars

The Gates Millennium Scholars Program started off in 1999 with an initial grant of $1 billion that was provided by the Bill& Melinda Gates Foundation. The Gates Millennium Scholars Program every year confers 1000 competent students with scholarships that enable them to pursue higher studies conveniently.

It also allows them to enroll in a college or university of their choice. With more weight to minority students, this organization selects the candidates after evaluating their past academic records, leadership qualities, and social welfare activities.

Talbots Scholarship Foundation

This organization was formed in the year 1997 in order to help elderly women to pursue their education even after a long hiatus. Founded by Nancy and Rudolf Talbots, this organization has been successful in shaping the careers of over 1 million women between the age group of approaching 30s to 60s.

With a total scholarship amount of $180,000, the Talbots Scholarship Foundation offers ten scholarships of $15,000 each and one huge scholarship of $30,000 to the most deserved woman with an all-around excellent performance.

Permanent resident women with a high school diploma or GED are eligible to apply. The women applicants need to have a minimum of ten years of educational break and enroll in full-time or part-time undergraduate courses.

Jeannette Rankin Foundation

Named after an eminent woman activist, the Jeannette Rankin Foundation has helped educate more than 600 women through a total scholarship of almost $1.3million.

This organization aims at women with a poor economic background and with ages more than 35 years. These scholarships are awarded to women undergoing bachelor’s degrees, vocational training, undergraduate courses, or technical training. With absolutely no discrimination of any sort, this organization provides scholarships for all women with US citizenship or permanent resident women.

United Negro College Fund

This organization is aimed at providing scholarships to students belonging to African-American communities. It awards 10,000 students every year through 400 different scholarships.

Female and male applicants with low or modest economic strata are eligible for the scholarships that allow them to select from 38 different colleges.

The Hispanic Scholarships Fund

This organization provides scholarships for women and men belonging to the Latino community and aims at enhancing their lifestyle through proper education. Students with better GPAs are preferred. See also this post about scholarships for Hispanic women.